Complex analog sound source.

Imagining new forms is one role that any artist plays in society. This can be based around manipulating existing forms, giving them new context / revealing hidden aspects, or it can be based around the generation of forms according to universal codes.

This module features two completely different and equally novel oscillator designs, both based on similar design techniques of synthesising sonic forms using completely analog processes, which are chemical in nature and routinely disobedient in temporal and mechanical analyses. The first is a quadrature VCO with Sine/Cosine outputs, in addition to a second harmonic for both, (similar to the suboctave output found in many synthesizers, except that the outputs are Sine/Cosine waves).

The second VCO is most closely related to a wavetable oscillator, except that the computational processes are all continuous throughout. Compared to a digital wavetable there is only one “bank”, which is accessed via the Evolve parameter. A wavetable is typically organised into fully consonant octave harmonics which are scanned between. Real time computation however means that wavetable access is more similar to tuning, changing the spread and amplitude of the harmonic content, where some settings are fully consonant, some dissonant, and in between settings can give morphing and phasing responses. In mathematical terms the VCO computes the Legendre Equation, which gives defined series harmonics:


Front panel jacks are TT (bantams), with impedance balanced outputs and inputs for integration into live and studio environments according to best industry practice. All front panel controls can be replaced by the user without soldering. Components are socketed where possible, and similarly components have been selected based on future availability to ensure maximum service lifetime.

Price £800

Internal Sine modulating variable waveform carrier oscillator!

VCO plus pitch shifting delay: