Two analogue oscillators optimised for use as an FM pair. On the left is a very high purity sine/cosine core, with additional second harmonic (twice frequency) outputs.

The right variable harmonic oscillator is based around a totally unique complex VCO core which allows fluid control of it’s harmonic content, changing the resonant path of a tuned feedback loop, generating a multi frequency output waveform. The most simple analogy for the circuitry is that it is a fully analogue implementation of a wavetable oscillator, where, instead of accessing stored waveshapes from a look up table, they are computed directly in real time. The reason for pursuing this method was primarily sonic curiosity but it yielded several other musical advantages. One is that the possible output waves are not limited to only the settings that someone else has considered to be musically useful. The mathematical equation generating the output is also capable of many inharmonic settings, including those that do not generate a strong or consonant oscillation, or those just outside of consonance where beating, phasing responses are possible. The other big advantage is that the harmonic control can accurately respond to changes according to 1v/oct.

Front panel jacks are TT (bantams), with impedance balanced outputs and inputs. Balanced signalling along with studio practice in harmony with the laws of physics will ensure trouble free integration straight from the module into studio and live environments.

Chassis earth and 0V separated in accordance with AES48.

Price £725

Internal Sine modulating variable waveform carrier oscillator!

VCO plus pitch shifting delay: