Two oscillators optimised for, but not limited to, use as an FM pair. The objective of the design is to generate harmonically diverse output signals in a predictable and user controllable manner.

The modulation oscillator generates sine waves with high spectral purity, with additional second harmonic (twice frequency) outputs.  FM using harmonically rich waveforms such as as saws, triangles or impure sines means control of the sonic content of the output is difficult.

The right variable harmonic oscillator generates a multi frequency output waveform whose content is controlled by the Evolve parameter. Audio oscillators typically follow the paradigm of a guitar string, resonating at a single fundamental frequency, with multiple oscillators being stacked in parallel to make up the desired output signal, whereas this VCO generates a tone cluster that is chord-like right from the start. Applying the modulation oscillator via the Linear FM inputs adds harmonics whose content is determined by the modulation amount and the frequency relationship of the two oscillators.

The tuning of the signals coming from the variable harmonic oscillator can be dynamically varied using a sequencer or keyboard using the 1v/oct input control that corresponds to the Evolve parameter.

Front panel jacks are TT (bantams), with impedance balanced outputs and inputs. Balanced signalling along with studio practice in harmony with the laws of physics will ensure trouble free integration straight from the module into studio and live environments.

Price £700

Internal Sine modulating variable waveform carrier oscillator!

VCO plus pitch shifting delay: