dual analogue oscillator / anomoly in space-time continuum.

The modulation oscillator is a miniature additive synth engine, generating sine waves with high spectral purity, with additional second harmonic (twice frequency) outputs. The Sine wave is the fundamental unit of perceivable tone, and any complex periodic waveform can be represented using some number of sine waves of differing amplitudes and frequencies. Sines are therefore an excellent modulation source, because you are working from the smallest possible sonic building block, and the harmonics which are then generated are fully in the hands of the user.

The variable harmonic oscillator generates a multi frequency output waveform, made up of a cluster of harmonically related sine waves of different amplitudes whose relationships to each other is controlled by the Evolve parameter. Synthesizer patches often follow the paradigm of a guitar string, with individual VCOs resonating at a single fundamental frequency, with multiple simple oscillators being stacked in parallel to make up the desired output signal. This VCO however, generates a chord like tone right from the start. This makes it an excellent candidate for adding harmonics by frequency modulation, especially given the immediacy of a hardware interface.

The relative tuning of the different sines generated by the variable harmonic oscillator can be “played” using a sequencer or keyboard using the 1v/oct input control that corresponds to the Evolve parameter.

Front panel jacks are TT (bantams), with impedance balanced outputs and inputs for seamless integration into live and studio environments.

Attention to longevity is a big consideration, and all front panel controls can be replaced by the user without the need for soldering. ICs are socketed which means many repairs can be done on site with no need to ship the module.

Price £900

Internal Sine modulating variable waveform carrier oscillator!

VCO plus pitch shifting delay: