Multidimensional filter

(work in progress artwork)



All analogue physical modelling filter, based on three state variable filters in parallel with a shared feedback path to model exactly the vibration modes of a circular membrane. This is an extension of a string filter, implemented in an extremely resource efficient way. There are individual inputs to each of the filters, where the centre frequency of each can be independently adjusted, and individual outputs for LP, BP and HP are available. The outputs are a composite of all three filters inputs, as a result of how a process is modeled, and the filters cannot be split up to use separately.

But this is not the intention of the module, anyway. One possible use is in spacial patches, and swept phase effects can be realised with stereo patching. The primary focus of the design, however, was in the complex resonant modes that are possible through the multiple feedback paths and their harmonic relations to each other.

vibrating membrane animations

A classic filter can superimpose a single additional resonant peak upon an input signal, but this can give several. Like the VCOs, this may take some mastery, as some settings may be unstable, unpredictable, even chaotic, but totally unique results are possible, and to Aether Machine earth representatives, this is the true spirit of synthesis.

X, Y and Z allow variation of the three dimensions of the membrane model. Suppression, is the same as resonance, or peaking, but the meaning is inverted (to most accurately follow real life). The Mode switch changes the physical modelling behaviour between the wave equation and fluid flow, the latter tends to be more unstable.