~ Utility event field manipulation~

i.e. 4 identical channels to change the proximity of an event relative to the listener Rather than simply straight amplitude (loudness) control, each channel is a filter with a gentle 6dB/oct rolloff, which is more closely related to how a sound would appear (or disappear) in a natural acoustic space. Lowpass and highpass outputs are available for each channel. Resonance is fixed at full damping, with the focus of the module being on utility amplitude control, rather than creative sound manipulation (there are other modules in the series that focus on this).

Distance changes the amount that the control signal effects the amplitude, Origin controls bias or offset. Control response is exponential, to best follow human perception of loudness. Gain control is done via the THAT2180 exponential VCA, with differential drive for low CV feedthrough.

Each Merge circuit is a two input unity gain mixers with amplitude control of the output. These circuits have active buffering and can be used to drive long cable lengths, for instance to FOH.